Welcome to Angel's Network

A private, locally owned and established sitter service since 2000

Services are provided within Wicomico, Somerset, Dorchester, and Worcester Counties.
We provide flexible scheduling ranging from four hours to 24/7 coverage, 7 days a week.

Are you a caregiver for someone who needs to come home from the hospital, but need assistance?

Do you have a family member who wants to stay in their home, but needs help with their daily routine?

Are you a primary caregiver who needs an occasional night out with your family or friends? Do you need time to take care of personal business or appointments?

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    Angel's Network Office

  • Mrs. Martha Hinkley, Owner


"Your Angel's Network lives up to its name and I am so thankful for your care and assistance over these last two years. Your willingness to help us was a comfort and is truly appreciated."

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